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High-precision positioning of industrial valves

ifm’s MVQ positioner is used for high-precision valve control in industrial applications. With this innovative product, valves and ball valves can be moved precisely to the required position.

The MVQ positioner is based on a combination of the proven MVQ sensor unit and a new control unit. This innovative technology not only detects the actual valve position, but also continuously compares it with the desired position.

The MVQ positioner in detail

Visual feedback

The MVQ positioner provides clear feedback via its indicators and the control system when the desired position is reached. This allows operators to easily monitor and optimise processes, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

LED ring

The LED ring of the MVQ positioner offers a wide range of colour options, including red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan and white. The LEDs can be continuously lit or flash at different frequencies to visualise different operating states. The colours can be individually selected and adapted via IO-Link to meet your application requirements.

LED bar

Lights green when the device is ready for operation
Lights white when the valve is open (OPEN)
Lights white when the valve is closed (CLOSE)
Lights white when the actual value is in the deadband and control is completed (IN POSITION)


The mechanical position indicator (puck) shows the valve position even when the device is not powered.

Product benefits of the MVQ positioner

Smart mode - continuous optimisation of control performance

The smart mode of the MVQ positioner can be used to compensate for interference affecting the control performance, such as temperature fluctuations or component wear. This ensures a reliable and stable performance of the sensor and the control unit without the need for any further teach operations.

Extensive diagnostic functions - a look inside the industrial valve

The integrated IO-Link communication protocol provides the MVQ positioner with a wealth of diagnostic information, including the detection of opening and closing cycles, the travel distance of the process valve and control stability monitoring. This comprehensive diagnostic information allows you to closely monitor the performance and identify maintenance requirements early, enabling effective preventive maintenance, minimising downtime and reducing operating costs.

Modular design to VDI/VDE 3845

The MVQ positioner is distinguished by its modular design, enabling a clear distinction between the sensor and control unit on the one hand, and compressed air control on the other. Replacing components is cost-effective compared to conventional positioners thanks to the use of standard components. In addition, the MVQ positioner complies with the industry standard VDI/VDE 3845, ensuring quick replacement and compatibility with common industrial valves.

Automatic initialisation ensures precise and easy setup

For automatic initialisation, also known as teach-in or advanced teach, you can choose between two modes that collect all the information required to control the valve. In “automatic valve setup” mode, the end positions of the valve are repeatedly approached in order to determine basic control variables. The “automatic valve setup and positioning tuning” mode records additional parameters by moving to defined intermediate positions of the valve.

All in one - optimised cabling simplifies setup

All the data and commands required for valve control are transmitted from the PLC to the sensor and control unit via a single cable. In addition, all diagnostic data such as runtime monitoring, operating hours counter and temperature are transmitted to the PLC via the same cable, ensuring quick and easy installation and setup.

We want to prepare and prevent instead of repair and repent!

Customer from the mineral processing industry


Water and waste water industry

Food industry

Paper industry


The MVQ positioner is supplied as a comprehensive set consisting of the MVQ301 sensor, a pneumatic solenoid valve, a throttle and a Y cable. Its modular design makes it easy to install directly on the NAMUR interface of the actuator.

Different versions of the set are available which, in addition to their compatibility with single or double-acting actuators, differ, for example, in their behaviour to power or compressed air failures:

Order number
(positioner set)
ZZ0686 1x MVQ301 Sensor and control unit
1x ZJF120 5/3-way control valve with mounting accessories and silencers
1x ZJF122 Throttle plate
1x EVC508 Y connection cable
(M12 connector and socket; 2 x 5 pins; 60 cm)


ZZ0687 1x MVQ301 Sensor and control unit
1x ZJF121 3/3-way control valve with mounting accessories and silencers
1x ZJF123 Throttle plate
1x EVC508 Y connection cable
(M12 connector and socket; 2 x 5 pins; 60 cm)


ZZ0688 1x MVQ301 Sensor and control unit
1x ZJF119 5/3-way control valve with defined basic position, mounting accessories and silencers
1x ZJF122 Throttle plate
1x EVC508 Y connection cable
(M12 connector and socket; 2 x 5 pins; 60 cm)


Please note that in addition to this set, you also need the corresponding valve and valve actuator in order to fully utilise and operate the system. The set serves as a supplement to these components and is not functional on its own.