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Welding adapters for tanks

Special welding adapters for tanks

The special adapters represent an innovative solution allowing for a quick and simple welding operation to be carried out in the tank. All stresses from the welding operation that may be caused by multiple welding layers and thick-walled metals are absorbed in the flexible transition area of the adapter.

Optional cooling adapters simplify and improve the welding result with special and standard adapters and provide additional stabilisation during the welding operation.


For post-processing, in particular for grinding and polishing of the weld seam, the grinding protection devices provided for the respective adapters, and appropriate for internal and external processing, must be used.

Leak check

With the leak check kit, available as an accessory, the sealing edge of the welded adapter can be checked for leaks without the need for time-consuming filling of the tank. In the event of a leak, this is made visible or audible at the leakage port of the welding adapter.