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Eternity touch sensors for machine control

Ergonomic control of machines and processes

No more aching fingers and wrists, no more uncertainty about the process status: With the Eternity touch sensors, you can control machines and processes with a light tap of your finger. To ensure that this works reliably even in case of deposits, the sensitivity of the touch sensor can be adjusted to suit the working environment.

Permanently reliable and FDA-compliant

Thanks to protection class IP69K and the suppression of splashing water, you don’t need to worry about the KTE even in damp environments. No water can get inside; and splashing water, for example from cleaning processes, is distinguished from deliberate actuation of the sensor. Important for the food industry: When installed with the optionally available E12840 seal, the KTE is compliant with FDA. This also underlines its permanently reliable operation. You have our word on that – and a 5-year warranty.

Bundling switches, networking operations

For networked operations, up to two additional sensors or even mechanical switches can be connected to a touch sensor. If an 8-port IO-Link master bundles the signals decentrally in the field, up to 24 devices can be integrated.

Button, switch, colours – experience the new versatility

For clear visual feedback, the touch sensors, which are also available as pure feedback indicators, can adopt any RGB colour and display it permanently or in flash mode. Regardless of whether the KTE is operated with or without IO-Link, versatile switching functions are available: as button or switch, normally closed or normally open, with or without time delay.