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Powerful IO-Link master for the food industry

  • 4- and 8-port IO-Link masters with matching L-code power cables in IP 69K available
  • Daisy-chain power with standardised L-coded M12 connection technology, max. 2 x 16 A
  • For actuators up to 2 A
  • Current measurement and configurable current limitation for each port
  • Master and device configurable via moneo configure software

Robust field bus modules with fail-safe connection

The decentralised IO-Link masters are used as gateways between intelligent IO-Link sensors and the fieldbus. They are the perfect choice, even in the most difficult environments: The materials and production methods are identical to the ifm jumper cables of the tried-and-tested EVF product series. The ecolink technology guarantees reliable, permanently ingressresistant M12 connections of the connection cables.

L-coded cables for high currents

Used to supply higher power levels to the new ifm Performance Line IO-Link masters in demanding applications. The L-coded M12 power connector is becoming more and more established on the market and the perfect solution to supply these modules with power. This allows high currents to be transmitted with low voltage drop. ifm offers connection cables and jumpers that are perfectly adapted to this.

Advantages and customer benefits

• L-coding for the food industry

For the first time, ifm offers high-current-capable IO-Link masters with special housing materials and high protection rating for the food industry.

• 16 amps on an M12 connector

The IO-Link master is supplied via the standardised L-coded M12 connector. This connection technology with 5 x 2.5 mm² can be used for 16A US (sensor supply) and 16A UA (actuator supply). The energy can be looped through the master (daisy chain).

• Connection of 2A actuators with high current consumption

Optionally, a digital output mode can be set for pin 2 of a B port. Thus, large solenoid valves and actuators can be switched with up to 2A. Pin 2 is supplied from the actuator voltage UA.

• Energy monitoring

The current for each port can be limited, which can be set in the PLC. Moreover, voltage and current values of each port can be measured. This makes it easy to determine the energy required by an installation and to transfer it to ERP systems for analysis.

• Sensor configuration with moneo configure SA

The intuitive software finds all IO-Link masters in the network and creates an overview of the whole plant. Besides, all sensors connected are indicated with the respective parameters. This means that parameter setting of all sensors in the system is possible from one central point.


IO-Link master, for sensors and 2 A actuators, power supply via daisy chain using L-coded M12 connection technology.


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