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Tried and tested product improved: PI pressure sensor now with multiple resolution

  • Pressure peak and overload resistant ceramic measuring cell
  • Flush design with PTFE seal providing long-term stability
  • Permanent 150 °C medium temperature
  • Factory certificate for free download
  • Very high resolution thanks to 32 bits and IO-Link

PI pressure sensor for hygienic applications

High resolution thanks to IO-Link and 32 bits

For years the ifm pressure sensors of the PI series have proven their worth in the food and beverage industry. But even what is successful can be improved. The resolution of the measuring range was increased to 20,000 steps by implementing IO-Link and 32 bits. This is an enormous benefit, especially for hydrostatic level measurement with head pressure. This is because the actual pressure detection only takes place in a fraction of the measuring range. An interesting feature for maintenance and commissioning is the simulation function which allows the sensor to transmit measured signals or error states to the controller. The sensor is permanently resistant to 150 °C medium temperature. This is measured and additionally transmitted via IO-Link (accuracy 2.5 K).