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Date Time Duration Topic Presenter,
Co-Presenter or Host
Category Type
31 March 10H00 30min ifm ecomat mobile - CANopen Albert Louw,
Francois Gey v Pittius
Sysytems for mobile machines  Register now
13 April 10H00 30min Track & Trace with RFID  Antony Hittler,
Johan van Niekerk
Identification systems Register now
May  10H00 30min Condition Monitoring - Octavis Ralph White,
Francois Gey v Pittius
Condition monitoring systems  
May  10H00 30min Increase machine availability by adopting Real Time Maintenance  Rylance Sukdao,
Johan van Niekerk
ifm product solutions  
June 10H00 30min LDH2 The new air humidity sensor Francois Gey v Pittius,
Johan van Niekerk
Analytical sensors  
July 10H00 30min PMD Lasers for Accurate Position Denzil Hewitt,
Johan van Niekerk
Position sensors  
August 10H00 30min IO-key  The key to standalone industrial IOT Krzysztof Lapacz,
Francois Gey v Pittius
September 10H00 30min ASI Master AC14 - Web based visualization, Smart Control and Flexible Interfacing Soh Mntambo,
Johan van Niekerk
Industrial Networking  
October 10H00 30min ASI Safety - Intelligent Safety Solutions Niel Burger,
Francois Gey v Pittius
Industrial Networking  
November 10H00 30min Process Sensors for the Food and Beverage Industry   Raegan Ramsunder,
Johan van Niekerk
Process sensors   

Webinars on demand 2020

These webinars have already taken place:
Date Topic Webcast download Presentation download Questions & Answers
17 February Hydraulic Power Pack Solutions MP4 file PDF file PDF file
3 February ifm - The Company, the philosophy and the right innovative partner for your business MP4 file PDF file