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AS-Interface Safety at Work - Safety monitors

  • Various logic functions
  • Monitoring of up to 31 safe AS-i slaves
  • Areas of application: door monitoring, light curtains, e-stop, two-hand control
  • Two OSSDs which can be switched off separately from each other
  • TÜV approval to EN 954-1 and IEC 61508

Monitors, PLCs and gateways

AS-i safety monitors are used to monitor protective equipment such as E-stops in AS-i systems.
They monitor the code sequences to be transmitted in the AS-i network. In the case of message deviations or timeouts the monitor ensures the safe state of the system.
The unit is available in two versions: with either one or two redundantly designed output switching elements. It can be connected to the AS-i system at any position. Several AS-i safety monitors can be operated via one AS-i master. Any grouping for evaluation of the safe AS-i slaves is possible.
Known safety relay functions like "E-stop", "stop categories 0 or 1", "two-hand operation" or "enable switch" can be implemented via the software. One AS-i safety monitor thus replaces many traditional safety relays.