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  1. Autonomous mobile robots
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Obstacle Detection System | Capabilities

The performance of ODS is best described through the detection of real-world obstacles. The videos below were recorded in the ifm warehouse utilizing the O3R Perception platform and a small mobile robot. The floor material is polished tile (as shown) and the robot's speed is approximately 1.1m/s. The targets represent standard obstacles found in both manufacturing and logistics facilities. The video below is an extended view from the robot. 

The right portion of each video shows the 2D image captured from the O3R head. The left portion shows the 3D point cloud from the O3R head plus the occupancy grid (in white) from ODS (as described in the ODS use cases). The distance of the first detection of each obstacle is listed in the video. 

The ifm VisionAssistant software was utilized to capture these files. For transparency, the raw data from each recording is available for download and replay in VisionAssistant. 

Fork tines on ground

Fork tines in air (raised)

Fork tines in motion

Pallet jack


Wire cart

Shipping box

Wheeled dolly

Buying the right obstacle detection system can greatly increase your customer's ROI and make your robot more accessible to more potential clients. 


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