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Universal IO module for IO-Link

Digital connection ports for IO-Link

The digital connection of IO-Link has proven its worth as an intelligent interface for integrating smart sensors and devices. Many machines and installations, however, still have conventionally wired units which need to be connected to the central controller. Examples in this context include keypad modules, control panels and panels, light towers or valve terminals. The universal module, characterised by its ability to connect 16 digital inputs or outputs directly to an IO-Link master port, provides a remedy in this respect. The compact and potted design requires but little space while enabling flexible mounting, for example directly next to signal transmitters or in button housings.

Easy connection

Each of the 16 connection wires can be used as input or output.
As the signal state of the output is always fed back to the input, no special configuration is required. When not operated as an output, an external signal can be detected as an input signal at the connection.

Power supply for external actuators

The module is supplied with power from an IO-Link A-port master. The total current consumption of all IOs can be up to 1 A, which ensures an efficient supply of external actuators.

The universal module is designed such as to fit straight away into many customary button housings, allowing connection of the control and signalling devices.