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Integrate measuring probes directly into IO-Link

Digitisation of measuring probe for IO-Link

IO-Link has become established as an intelligent interface for integrating smart sensors and devices in various industries. Nevertheless, conventional temperature probes (Pt100 / Pt1000 elements or thermocouples) are still widely used in many machines and systems, which have to be connected to the central controller. With the new IO-Link measuring modules, up to four temperature probes can be connected to an IO-Link master port, optionally in 2-, 3- or 4-wire connection technology. The pin configuration of the M12 connector can be customised using the IO-Link parameter setting.

Adjustment of the measured value

Especially when measuring temperature with thermocouple elements, the metals used in the cables and contacts have a considerable influence on the measured value. The measured value can therefore be adjusted to the measuring line used with the "Cold junction offset" and "Temperature zero point calibration" parameters.

To cover a large number range with high resolution, the measured value is displayed as a "floating number” in the process data.

Product benefits

4 ports for the direct connection of temperature sensors

Up to 4 Pt100, Pt1000 elements and thermocouples can be connected to the module via standard M12 connectors.

Detection of even smallest trends in temperature data

Temperature changes as small as 0.01 °C can be precisely detected thanks to the accurate internal resolution.

High accuracy

An accuracy of 0.3 % is achieved over the entire measuring range.

Robust design

High-quality materials are used to achieve the high protection ratings of IP67 (orange housing) and IP69K (grey housing).


Temperature measurement in thermoplastic deformation

When manufacturing large plastic parts by thermoplastic deformation, plastic plates are heated and pressed onto a mould contour in a press. During the heating and moulding stage, several temperature sensors are used to precisely monitor and control the temperature in the tool. Temperature probes detect even the smallest temperature trends thanks to an impressive resolution of 0.01 °C. The production process is similar in the manufacture of composite materials, such as those used in car door trims or dashboards.

Temperature monitoring in mining

In mining, the digitised measured temperature values can be transmitted precisely and without loss even over long distances thanks to IO-Link. There is also no need to wire each sensor to the control cabinet, as the robust IO-Link module is mounted directly in the field.