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Wherever robotics is in use, ifm products are used as well: from safe positioning to automated quality controls in the assembly process to visual object detection on mobile, autonomous transport robots.


Our solutions contribute to smooth, intelligent operations of automated robotics processes.

Information on the topic of robotics

Vision sensors in industrial manufacturing

In automation technology, vision sensors are now an integral part of assembly, manufacturing and quality control and, last but not least, a means of increasing efficiency. They are cameras with application-specific evaluation, i.e. reliable electronic eyes, with low price and high degree of integration. Today in our TV show we present you what this can look like in practice in the automotive industry.

The right choice for any connection

The product range is structured according to application areas

ifm's ecolink series comprises sockets, cable plugs, jumper cables and splitter boxes in M8 and M12 design. Even when fastened by hand, a perfect lasting seal of sensor, actuator and splitter connections is guaranteed. Connection technology is available for general industrial applications, for use in hygienic and wet areas in the food and beverage industry, for machine tool and metalworking applications and for use in welding systems, mobile machines or hazardous areas.

The latest success stories

The inspiring application reports, case studies and video reports from all industries show how our customers successfully save costs with solutions from ifm. At the same time, the efficiency and functionality of machines can often be increased.