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Warranty Policy for ifm catalogue products

Dated 01 January 2018

The following warranty terms and conditions apply to ifm catalogue products hardware

  1. The product is exclusively described in the documentation in particular in the specification
  2. ifm guarantees the functionality of its products for a duration of 60 months (5 years) from the date of ifm electronic invoice, as long as it is operated according to the specifications mentioned in the data sheet.
  3. Upon the receipt of the unit, the buyer has to immediately inspect the product for any possible defects / transport damages etc, at the latest within one month from the date of ifm invoice, and has to notify any defects in writing.
  4. In case of a complaint regarding the unit failed in service, the buyer has to first return the product to the ifm branch office in charge immediately upon discovering the defect, within one month at the latest, along with a fault description and the indication of ifm's article number.
    After preliminary examination, This unit will be then sent to ifm electronic Germany. The duration of transport from to Germany depends also on time taken for customs formalities at sender as well as receiver country. The unit will normally examine the product within 3 working weeks after receipt at ifm electronic Germany. ifm electronic Germany will send an investigation report to the branch office and it will be sent to the buyer upon receipt of the report from ifm electronic Germany.
  5. In case of a manufacturing defect / justified complaint, the customer will receive a replacement unit free of charge. Any further claims are excluded.
    Warranty replacement will be sent only after examination of the failed unit at ifm electronic Germany and only if the unit was within 60 months (5 years) from the date of invoice. This can be decided on the basis of manufacturing date code printed on the product or inside the product. The decision of ifm will be final.

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