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Spotted: Position tracking with ifm

A video about "Interesting Engineering" was published on Facebook by Doll Fahrzeugbau. A CR0032 controller is used for position tracking and an R360 BasicDisplay is used to activate and indicate the tracking function.

Doll Fahrzeugbau GmbH is a manufacturer of utility vehicles for timber and heavy goods transport and catering vehicles, based in Oppenau in the Black Forest.

In the video about the intelligent steering system "ratioplus", a Doll vehicle suitable for forestry and the transport of long timber is shown. Also featured in the video: an R360 BasicDisplay from ifm.

The ifm solution supports the alignment of the bolster while driving. This makes it possible for the self-steering trailer to stick to the tractor unit's course and follow its turning manoeuvres. The vehicle can move forwards and backwards while staying on track.

Doll calls this intelligent steering system "ratioplus": an innovative steering system combining the features of the DOLL self-steering trailer with the track-in-track benefits of a positive steering model. Click here for more information.