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Capacitive sensors - Touch sensors with 100 mm diameter

  • Non-contact switching without pressure
  • LEDs for visual feedback
  • Oil-resistant, impact and scratch resistant
  • Surround available in different colours
  • Simple installation on walls or rear panels

Touch sensors with 100 mm diameter

The capacitive measuring principle detects an approaching human hand. Dynamic touch sensors suppress interference such as water, layers of ice or foreign bodies to a large extent. However, a gloved hand will still trigger them. Static touch sensors detect hands and objects for as long as the sensing face is damped. Touch sensors also work through glass. Compared to mechanical switches the sensors operate without wear. Since they react to contact, no pressure is required for activation which means considerably increased ease of use. The green LEDs can be controlled separately and be used, for example, to indicate the plant and machine condition.
LEDs as optical feedback signal that the sensor has been activated.
In the industry, the sensors are used as start/stop or acknowledgement button on machines.
They can also serve as a button on mobile machines or trailers. Furthermore they can be used as stop buttons or door openers.