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Sensors and systems for ship automation

The shipbuilding industry will experience the largest structural change in its history for the years to come. The ship of the future will be propelled using a hybrid drive train or just purely electric making it more environmentally friendly.

ifm supports the ship building industry and their suppliers across various applications such as the drive technology, exhaust gas cleaning, water treatment, effluent plant filtration system, deck equipment etc. with intelligent sensors and system solutions. Some of these include condition monitoring of critical assets such as drive trains and hydraulic power packs.

ifm has the necessary technology and experience to equip cargo vessels, supply vessels, container ships, yachts, cruise ships and ferries with automation technology. The easy to install sensors and systems can withstand the most adverse weather conditions in the high seas.

Sensors and Systems have the necessary approvals for the maritime industry by DNV and Bureau Veritas.

ifm is represented in more than 85 countries with 8750 employees. Due to high product availability, products are usually delivered to the required location within a matter of a few days.