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Cylinder sensors - Use on C-slot cylinders

  • Exact switch point detection on short-stroke cylinders
  • Precise position detection thanks to short travel distance
  • Reliable detection of weak magnetic fields
  • Easy fit 'drop from the top' into a slot
  • Available as 25.8 mm flat, flush or 17.5 mm short housing

Use on C-slot cylinders

Due to its small size of 15 mm, the C-slot cylinder sensor is especially suited for small grippers. It can be easily inserted from above into the C-slot where it clicks home. For switch point positioning the sensor can simply be moved in the slot. It is fixed definitely using the slotted / hexagonal socket screw.
The sensor is locked in the slot, i.e. it is completely surrounded by it, ensuring mechanical stability. The moulded cable at the end of the sensor provides excellent strain relief.
Non-contact sensors virtually work without wear and often achieve a longer life than Reed switches. This saves expensive repair and downtimes.