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Conductivity sensor made of polypropylene

For filter installations, shipping applications and dosing stations

The LDL400 is the polypropylene version of ifm’s proven LDL200 inductive conductivity sensor. Its material properties make it the ideal choice for applications in which metallic sensors tend to corrode: direct contact with salty ambient air or other aggressive, acidic or alkaline media, such as cleaning agents, poses no problem for the LDL400. With a diameter of eight millimetres, the measuring channel ensures optimum flow of the medium while minimising the risk of blockages.

Continuous, temperature-compensated measurement

The sensor continuously measures the conductivity of a medium in the range from 100 to 2 million μS/cm and outputs this as a temperature-compensated digital or analogue value. Furthermore, the percentage concentration of NaCl in ultrapure water can be accessed acyclically. This means that the LDL400 can be used universally in almost every conceivable water treatment application and, since it comes with an MR type approval certificate from the EU RO MR Group, the LDL400 can be easily integrated in ship automation applications.

Possible applications for the LDL400 conductivity sensor

Whether in fish farming for monitoring salt concentration or in water treatment for quality assurance, the sensor impresses with its precision and reliability. Neither aggressive media nor challenging environmental conditions, such as salty air, pose a problem for the conductivity sensor made of polypropylene. The use cases provide an insight into applications already solved with our customers.