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moneo IIoT platform On-premises

Use our step-by-step instructions and select the software licenses you prefer. Decide whether you want to run them on the Appliance hardware or our vAppliance virtual solution.

QM9112 full license package

The moneo IIoT Core On-Premises (QM9112) is a bundled license that combines all the features you need.

machine availability

process quality

energy consumption

This allows you to easily set the parameters of your sensors, visualize plant data on dashboards, and analyze it. Software modules included in license package QM9112:

QMI001 additional info points license

150 information points are available as standard. If required, additional information points (up to 10,000 in total with vAppliance) can be purchased separately. This gives you almost unlimited expansion options!

Additional software module licenses

You can purchase additional modules, such as our AI solution, moneo Industrial AI Assistant, or our SAP integration module to expand your moneo package.

What should your moneo installation run on?

You can decide whether your moneo solution is operated on our physical or virtual Appliance.

  moneo|appliance moneo|vAppliance


IT involvement
Ease of install
Ease of software management
Remote machine view & notifications
Good for Machine
Factory wide installation

Key:  Low   High  Remote access and notifications are available if connected to your network.

Appliance: Standalone installation

Appliance (QHA210) is a pre-installed industrial PC (IPC) that enables the seamless use of your moneo IIoT core bundle and other compatible moneo modules. Even without any IT expertise, it can be used in manufacturing environments, production networks, or data centers without any difficulty.

The hardware provides sufficient computing power and storage capacity. The appliance management system (AMS) facilitates “IT hygiene” tasks, including installing updates for all moneo modules, backing up and restoring data, and retrieving status information from moneo Appliance and services.

vAppliance: Integrated installation

It only takes a short time to have your moneo installation ready for use in your network using moneo vAppliance (QVA200). Make full use of your existing IT infrastructure by making optimal use of the virtual technology, computing power, network connectivity, and storage capacity of your existing servers and storage systems.

In terms of security and operational stability, vAppliance is optimally matched to the requirements of the moneo modules. The integrated appliance management system (AMS) is an easy way to ensure the necessary measures for IT operations. For example, the AMS includes functions for remote support, the installation of security and function updates, and simple data backup options.

The moneo starter kit is ideal for proof of concept

The moneo IIoT Core Starter Kit On-Premises is a comprehensive package that ensures you are fully prepared to quickly and effortlessly begin using moneo. This kit includes all essential hardware and corresponding software licenses, empowering you to seamlessly set sensor parameters, record and visualize data, conduct condition monitoring, and receive alarm messages.

moneo IIoT Core Starter Kit On-Premises consists of hardware set QZ9100 and licence package QM9111.

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