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moneo IIoT platform

Start smart, prove it & scale fast

Keep your manufacturing plant out of the red zone

Regardless of whether you are upgrading your existing plant or building a new production facility - ifm will support your digital transformation with plug-and-work software and hardware solutions. With moneo.

Improve machine availability

Prevent unplanned downtime by predicting failures and increasing machine availability.

➜ Increasing uptime

Maintain process quality

Improve your process performance by monitoring and detecting deviations in real time.

➜ Ensuring process quality

Optimize energy consumption

Reduce operating costs by monitoring energy consumption at machine level.

➜ Optimizing energy

ifm’s commitment to IIoT

At ifm, drawing from over 50 years of shaping automation, we believe that your path into smart manufacturing should be easy to implement, without the need for expensive consulting and long test phases. We are therefore committed to the following principles as we bring our expertise into the digital world with moneo:

Industry 4.0 projects should offer clear and measurable benefits for manufacturing.

The technology should be “plug-and-work” and involve minimal effort so that customers can quickly reap the benefits.

Hardware and software should be easy to implement without requiring specialist expertise and integration consulting.

The system architecture should be “open” for communication with the most important hardware and software platforms.

No-code software solutions are ideal for shortening the time to market of Industry 4.0 projects

Proof-of-value projects can enhance project definition and add value that results in a faster return on investment.

✔ you will increase plant efficiency, ✔ reduce costs, ✔ avoid unplanned downtime.

Discover how you can optimize your added value independently and easily every day with moneo

Connecting people, processes and data.

IIoT journey in 3 steps

Step 1 – connect data from plant floor

Optimize production, processes and costs: Effortlessly set the parameters of your IO-Link sensors with moneo configure free, ifm’s parameterization tool. Our Y-path solution and IIoT connectors ensure that sensor and machine data is transferred efficiently. Our edge gateways forward only relevant information, minimise network traffic and increase data processing efficiency.

Step 2 – transform data into information

Our IIoT platform empowers you with real-time data, actionable insights, and predictive capabilities. It enables you to optimize your machine availability, process quality and energy efficiency and to cut costs in a targeted manner. We have bundled all the necessary software functions in our IIoT platform. The moneo IIoT Core modules include everything you need to visualize, analyze and monitor machine data. Parameterize devices, create custom dashboards, and set alerts for real-time process information.Whether you operate moneo in the cloud or on-premises.

Step 3 – get actionable insights

By knowing how to interpret data correctly, you can use it to create added value, plan maintenance better, replace machine parts before they wear out, and predict and avoid any errors and failures that may occur. We make this possible with the moneo Industrial AI Assistant and our IIoT connectors which forward process data, calculated values and alarms generated in moneo to the cloud or your ERP systems.

Good to know

Success stories and use cases

Find out how ifm has helped our customers improve their production plants in real time

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Together we will make your project successful.

Ready to take the next step? Reach out to us. We’re here to guide you every step of the way. To meet your requirements, our ifm system sales team will support you right from the start with: ✔ Initial consultation ✔Development of individual software and hardware solutions ✔Implementation and support Together, we will make your project successful.