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  1. moneo IIoT platform
  2. Improve manufacturing efficiency

Eliminate unplanned downtime due to equipment failures

Availability losses include unplanned stops, such as equipment failures, and planned stops such as machine setup and recipe changeover time. Use real-time maintenance (RTM) technologies in your production plants to increase machine availability, ensuring throughput and minimizing material losses.

moneo is an Industry 4.0 software platform. The integrated algorithms enable predictive maintenance for many critical industrial machines and convert your sensor data into valuable insights. Receive notifications prior to a machine failure, so you can plan preventive maintenance work in advance.

Predict common fault conditions

Effects (crashes)

  • Hitting rotor blades
  • Ingested object / collision with moving object
  • Incorrect sequence timing


  • Bearing failure
  • Impeller rubbing/rotor blade dragging
  • Cavitation

Mechanical fatigue

  • Misalignment/ unbalance
  • Belt issues
  • Loose foundations/structural problems

Temperature (overheating)

  • Loss of lubricant or coolant flow
  • Electrical issues or excessive load

Increase machine availability with


Increase the availability of your production equipment.

Process stability

Your cycle times are never affected by damaged machines.


Your production systems automatically detect and report quality defects.

The evolution of maintenance technology

Overview graphic/table - The evolution of maintenance technology




Predictive with root cause investigation


No time requirements for planning

No unexpected breakdowns or failures

  • Real-time detection of faults
  • Alarm- and event-based triggers
  • Improved use of maintenance resources
  • Actionable insights on what to fix and repair
  • Maintenance work orders can be planned
  • Reduction of spare parts inventory


Fix when broken

Schedule regular inspections using expert knowledge of the machines

Condition data must be evaluated by a functional expert before action is taken

  • Real-time data collection
  • Automated root cause analysis by machine assets
  • Digital process for executing work orders


Repair tools

Repair tools and computerized maintenance management system

  • Vibration, temperature, and oil quality sensors
  • Visualization and notification software

Smart sensors, edge processing, machine learning algorithms, cloud architecture

Please note

  • Unplanned downtime
  • Loss of production efficiency
  • High-stress work environment
  • High cost in time and labor
  • Decreases value added work
  • Investments in hardware and integration
  • Expertise and experience in evaluating condition data

Investments in hardware and integration

Real-time condition monitoring with
 moneo Cloud

moneo provides recommendations for action

Real-time monitoring (RTM) dashboard in moneo

RTM protects against failures due to bearing damage.

Example of a basic set-up

Components Description

VVB vibration sensors

Vibration is the most important measure of mechanical condition

  • Excessive vibration indicates defects in the design of the device.
  • Excessive vibration indicates mechanical problems.
  • Think of excessive vibration as energy loss suffered by the compressor while doing its job.

TS RTDs and TR temperature sensors

Temperature is another indicator of energy loss

  • It indicates increased machine working rate.
  • Excessive heat indicates overload, mechanical friction, electrical problems, or loss of lubricant/coolant.

IO-Link master

Data acquisition via IO-Link for standard PLC controller or data transfer to OT/IT systems

  • Automatic device replacement to minimize the need for on-site parameter setting
  • Fast and accurate measurements for maximum process control
  • No scaling required for IO-Link sensors

moneo edgeGateway

Cloud connection for all IO-Link masters and vibration controllers

  • Recording of up to 500 process values
  • Remote control, alarms, and visualizations
  • Functions include configuration, data collection, and condition monitoring

Use cases for improving machine availability

Maximum performance, minimum downtime: here is how to optimize machine availability

Want to ensure machine availability while simultaneously monitoring plant conditions? The following use cases will show you how moneo usefully monitors automated plants and machine conditions and ensures machine availability – quickly and easily!