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Shop Floor Integration (SFI)

From sensor to ERP

Industry 4.0 meets SAP

Revolutionize plant management with our solution and say goodbye to manual work.

With moneo, your data is stored securely and is easily accessible, allowing you to make informed decisions. Our SAP integration provides regular monitoring tailored to your specific requirements, and generates comprehensive measurement documents for precise maintenance planning. No more guessing.

Integrate your team seamlessly using important SAP documents. Enjoy the reliable allocation of master data for seamless and optimized processes.

Enable the effortless integration of new sensors and data sources with the intuitive SFI framework. Give your SAP users the ability to trigger precise business processes without requiring costly IT services or consultants. Optimize your processes and boost efficiency with SFI.

Use cases for SFI real-time monitoring

Improve machine availability

Reduce failures and unplanned production stops with real-time condition monitoring of devices and machines. Shorten set-up and adjustment times with automatically created maintenance orders and notifications in SAP for increased transparency and reliability. This allows you to avoid manual tasks and focus on optimizing your maintenance plan.

Maintain process quality

Optimize process quality with real-time filling and status monitoring of auxiliary and operating materials. Automatic creation of material documents (stock withdrawal, material reservation, etc.) in SAP reduces scrap rate and process errors, and eliminates bottlenecks in the material flow.

Optimize energy consumption

Identify inefficient energy use with real-time usage counter recording and monitoring. Use automatic logging and recording of energy consumption, operating hours, or punch movements as preventative maintenance measures in SAP. When maximum counter values are reached, SAP takes action to automatically trigger measurement documents and alert the responsible personnel.

How ifm Shop Floor Integration works

Experience the power of Shop Floor Integration (SFI) – more than just a technical interface, it is a comprehensive logic template packed with features for your key processes.

Seamlessly integrated into SAP, SFI receives information from moneo processed in real time. Receive automatic notifications of maintenance and generation of important orders or documents within the SAP system.

Stay on track with timely maintenance scheduling and just-in-time deliveries, ensuring an uninterrupted production flow. Improve your operations with Shop Floor Integration today.

Benefits of ifm Shop Floor Integration


Seamlessly integrates into certified SAP solutions, ensuring smooth interoperability and increasing operational efficiency.


Intuitive and user-friendly. The solution seamlessly integrates into the current operating environment, eliminating the need for additional hardware or software.


Projects in days, not weeks or months. Low investment, no end-user training, minimal IT resources significantly accelerates project implementation, so you experience the benefits immediately.


Average ROI between 6-18 months results in time savings for maintenance staff. Save costs by avoiding failures and reducing effort needed to onboard new machines and sensors.

Get advice from our experts

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