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Temperature plug for hygienic and industrial applications

Digitise your temperature measurement

The temperature plug converts the resistance values of the temperature probes into standardised analogue and switching signals. Using IO-Link, the measured value can also be transmitted in digital form without losses. This makes the temperature plug an important component for a digital retrofit for existing installations.

Versatile use

Thanks to the 2, 3 or 4-wire connection, the temperature plug can be connected to all commercially available PT elements (PT100/PT1000) directly or via a connecting cable. The small design is also suitable for rough applications, as the plug can be mounted in a safe place away from the probe.

Plug & play

If the temperature plug is connected to the measuring element, it recognises it automatically. If the scaling of the measuring range set at the factory meets the requirements of the application, no further settings are necessary. If necessary, the user can simply adjust the scaling via IO-Link.

Minimised installation and error sources

Using two standardised M12 connections, the installation complexity of the TP temperature plug is reduced to a minimum as compared to a common head / DIN rail transmitter. Sources of error, such as cable clamps, are eliminated.

Individual adjustment

For consistently high accuracy, you can adjust the temperature plug after calibration to meet your specific requirements. For this purpose, the TP offers a wide range of setting options enabling perfect coordination of your system.