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Inductive sensor in flat pack design with IO-Link

Continuous position sensing as process value and setting of the switch points within a millimetre via IO-Link

  • Continuous position feedback via IO-Link
  • Switch points can be easily adapted via IO-Link at any time
  • Setting options PNP/NPN or NO/NC help to reduce storage costs
  • Long life and robustness thanks to flush installation and a high temperature range
  • Compact rectangular housing for installation in restricted spaces

Space-saving and robust
The new compact IQ rectangular housing is ideal for the limited space found in conveyor technology and factory automation. The flush installation of the sensor facilitates mounting and prevents mechanical damage. Together with a high impact and vibration resistance and a wide temperature range, this ensures long life.

Versatile thanks to IO-Link
In order to solve demanding position detection tasks, the distance value is continuously provided via IO-Link. Two switch points can be set to the nearest millimetre via IO-Link. Besides, the sensor provides various configuration options, such as NO/NC or PNP/NPN, which reduces storage costs for different sensor types.