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2 in 1: distance and reflectivity measurement with the OGD Reflectivity

  • Simultaneous output of distance value and reflectivity for increased process reliability
  • Identification and sorting by differentiating between colour /contrast and distance/height of objects
  • Flexible installation options thanks to a range of up to 1.5 m

Improved performance thanks to IO-Link

  • Process values shown on 2-colour display and sent via IO-Link

Reflectivity to differentiate between objects
The OGD Reflectivity determines the reflectivity of objects in addition to providing distance information in order to increase the reliability of the process control. The reflectivity indicates how much of the emitted light is reflected by a body and varies according to the colour and the properties of the surface. This is why the sensor can, for example, distinguish between beverage crates of different colours and detect the absence of print labels on packages to be shipped. Since the sensor provides the reflectivity in addition to the distance via a second switching output, automated sorting applications can be easily implemented. With the OGD Reflectivity, all parameters can be set as usual using three pushbuttons and are clearly indicated on the two-colour display.