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Spotted: ifm and the car for Africa

Many cars on the streets of Africa have already driven many thousands of kilometres, in most cases in Europe. The newly created aCar by Evum Motors however has been designed especially for the African market. Also integrated: the ifm BasicDisplay XL.

© Bayrischer Rundfunk – Gut zu wissen

It has been reduced to the most necessary elements and is electrically driven.  As a consequence, the car has a favourable price of less than 10,000 euros for a new car and has been designed for a broad market. However, the car "Made in Germany" neither has an air-conditioning system nor a heating system. Thanks to its simple design it can however be assembled everywhere in the world.

The German radio station Bayrische Rundfunk informed about this car in the radio show "Gut zu wissen" (Good to know). Our colleague Michael Cloos, Senior Manager Production, Final Assembly, discovered the BasicDisplay XL in the show on 9 March 2019.

In Europe as well, attention has been drawn to the new electric car. More and more farmers and nurseries have asked if the car will be launched on the European market. Due to the high demand for this car, series production will start in Europe as of 2020. In Europe the aCar will cost between 20,000 and 25,000 euros. The profit attained in Europe will be used to allow the transfer of the electric cars to other countries so that it remains affordable for the people there.

In the meantime the company from Munich has 50 employees, 30 of who are students. According to the developers, the car can be used for many applications. The up to 60 km/h fast vehicle can be used in rural areas in agriculture, forestry and for easy transport. But even in cities the vehicle can be used for waste collection or as a snow plough. The aCar has a range of up to 80 kilometres.

The BasicDisplay XL of the ifm group of companies only serves as a pure display for the driver because the buttons shown have no function.

The CR0452 shows the driver the speed, the total distance travelled and the light mode. The display also indicates the battery capacity, the charging process and the remaining range.