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ifm solutions for improving your CIP system

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  • What if your CIP system was always available when you needed it without unexpected shutdowns?
  • What if you could eliminate the product quality risk of residual chemicals in tanks and pipes after cleaning?

Cleaning in Place (CIP) is a very common practice in many dairy, processed food, beverage, and brewery plants replacing manual strip down, cleaning and rebuilding of process systems. But there are some challenges you have to be prepared for. For meeting them, ifm offers a wide range of products which are resistant to CIP cleaning.

In the simplest application, CIP solutions will be used once and then discarded to drain.  However, this way implicates high costs of water, effluent and cleaning chemicals. It is more usual to recover cleaning solutions in a recovery tank and restore the original concentration of the cleaning fluid, and then to reuse the recovered solution. This is why ifm has developed solutions for concentration measurements – get to know them!

There can be a few reasons why your product is contaminated with a foreign liquid. Not sufficiently flushing out the equipment is one of them, another reason could be found in your valves. Therefore, our experts will talk about smart valve monitoring as well.

The next point to which we attach great importance is pump condition monitoring: We want you to receive an alarm that your pump is going to fail before it breaks down and stops your process!

How to get this data out to your PLC and even further? This part of the webinar will answer all remaining questions.

Our partner and customer Definox will be a welcomed guest at our online event. They will share their experiences with all of us: From their opinion, what are the main functions of a valve in CIP? What are the main added-values in term of O.E.E of their IO-Link Sorio top unit?

Join our webinar and learn more!


Dieter Ebbinghaus

Dieter Ebbinghaus started working at ifm 33 years ago. After 10 years as an Export Manager, he took over the function of a Branch Manager and began to develop the food and beverage industry. Today he does this by pursuing a global approach and being close to our customers worldwide.


Johan van Binnendijk

For over 20 years, Johan van Binnendijk is working with ifm. In these years, he worked on three continents and four different countries in various positions: among other in sales and as product manager. Because of his long experience in different roles, Johan trains ifm’s internal and external customers on almost all products and solutions ifm offers. His focus is on the Asia Pacific region, but his webinars are available for a worldwide audience. He currently lives in Japan and is based in Osaka.


Andy Walker

Andy Walker has been with ifm as a Product Sales Manager for just over a year now. He has worked in instrumentation and control since he was 16 years old: He sharpened his experience during ten years at Endress+Hauser, five years at Vega and fifteen years as a control and instrument engineer in the water and oil & gas industries.

Jean-François Clavreul

Jean-François Clavreul has been working for ifm for 31 years. As a Global Key Account Manager, one of his main tasks is to develop the worldwide business of Food Key Accounts from France.


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