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moneo | software modules
Configure device
  • Find all devices connected to the network
  • Configure IP addresses of IO-Link masters
  • Adjust parameters of IO-Link sensors
  • Quickly view real time process values from sensors
IODD management
  • View local and online IODD catalog
  • Install updates
  • Import IODD files
Device management
  • View all devices and calculated values
  • Select desired infopoints from each sensor or calculated value
  • Manually add new devices by IP address
Calculated values
  • Simple drag and drop interface for logic/math functions
  • Preconfigured templates available or create your own
  • Produces additional infopoints from sensor values
Monitoring table
  • Displays all process values with time/date stamp from devices currently on the network
  • Provides verification that devices have been properly added
  • Drag and drop interface to quickly create custom dashboards for a machine or process
  • Images and drawings of equipment or processes can be uploaded
    • Selectable visualizations – thermometer, gauge, traffic light, chart, etc.
Data Science Toolbox
  • Smart machine learning algorithms
  • Models trained using normal operating conditions, no fault conditions needed
  • Easy guided templates for configuration
  • Automatic machine evaluation and alert settings
  • Provides tools to view historical data from the system as graphical trends
  • Simply drag in process values and select the time range
  • Export data for further analysis
Settings & rules
  • Define thresholds for warning and alarm conditions
  • Establish rules for actions when threshold values are reached including raw data recording & e-mail/text notification
Tasks & tickets
  • Review warning/alarm history and check current status
  • Acknowledge and clear open warnings and alarms
Raw data recording
  • Set rules for triggering of raw vibration sensor data recording
  • Recording can be triggered by a warning/alarm or time based
  • Transfer time stamped process data and information to higher level systems either on-premise or in the cloud
  • Uses standardized interfaces like MQTT & OPC UA for on-premise connection
  • Ready-to-go cloud connectors for easy integration