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  1. SU Puresonic flowmeter
  2. Setup and support
  3. Installation guidelines

Installing the SU ultrasonic flow meter

Congratulations on selecting the right SU ultrasonic flow meter for your application! This page features our installation guidelines, and you can keep reading for device configuration instructions

Should you need additional support, please contact our service center at 888-704-0702 and speak to one of our applications engineers.

Direction of flow 

The arrow etched on the sensor housing indicates flow direction.

  • The display indicates  flow in the opposite direction of the arrow with a minus sign. 
  • Analog and switching signals are based on flow only in the direction of flow. These signals cannot be set for flow in the opposite direction.
  • When using IO-Link, the process value includes the direction of flow, meaning negative flow can be measured and transmitted.
  • The direction of flow can be changed in the parameter setting of the sensor. If the direction of flow is changed, apply the enclosed label to the housing of the sensor. 

Mounting locations

Air bubbles and partially filled pipes can affect the measured values. As long as the meter is installed in a closed loop system where the pipe is always filled and no air bubbles can form, the orientation of the sensor is not critical. 

Recommended (Green) and Not Recommended (Yellow) installation locations.

Straight pipe run

Electrical grounding

A solid reference value is required for proper function. Most metal piping systems are installed such that they are grounded to the building steel and therefore, to a solid earth ground. This is not the case when the piping system is plastic. For plastic or ungrounded piping systems, always provide a path to earth ground. Part number E40234 makes grounding the sensor effective and easy.


If the medium temperature is above 50 °C / 122 °F, parts of the housing can heat up to over 65 °C / 149 °F. Protect against risks of burns and unintentional contact with flammable substances. Apply the warning label supplied with the sensor to the cable near the housing.