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Reliable water flowmeter for media with 90% water content

The  SU ultrasonic flow meter is the optimal solution for applications that contain at least 90% water content. This includes conductive and non-conductive media.

Specification needs vary from application to application and certain flow technologies are beneficial for different scenarios. The SU Puresonic flow meter is one sensor that can be used in multiple applications because of its wide measuring ranges. Below is a comparison chart of the different flow meters for water-based applications.

  ifm SU Puresonic magnetic-inductive vortex mechatronic thermal
water-based conductive media (>20μs/cm)
deionized water/non-conductive media
oil media
glycol mixture
air bubbles
changes in viscosity
totalization functionality
pressure drop
pressure rating
temperature range


Reverse osmosis

Water usually contains a variety of elements and contaminants, some of which are not desirable. In reverse osmosis systems, for example, the water is pressed through a membrane to filter out all contaminants, producing ultrapure water.

Flowmeters traditionally used to measure non-conductive media, such as ultrapure water produced in reverse osmosis systems, can be big, bulky and expensive. 

The SU ultrasonic flowmeter is a light weight and compact inline sensor that measures up to 1,000 lpm in a 2” pipe. 

Cooling water

Water treatment is required in order to remove toxic or damaging impurities from your cooling tower system. It is becoming more common to use cooling water loops with deionized water instead of city water to prevent calcification and corrosion of pumps, piping and valves. Magmeters cannot measure flow of non-conductive media. 

The ultrasonic technology used in the SU Puresonic meter does not rely on conductivity for performance. It measures deionized water with high accuracy and reliability. Due to the design, which is free of measuring elements and moving parts, sensor failures can be reduced to a minimum.