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Ultrasonic flow meter improves reliability

The SU Puresonic detects flows with high precision at volumes up to 1,000 l/min. Thanks to ultrasonic technology, this also applies to ultra-pure water with low conductivity, such as that produced in reverse osmosis plants. The signal strength, which can be used as a quality and maintenance indicator, is also continuously recorded.

The measuring tube of the SU Puresonic is made of stainless steel and is free of measuring elements, seals and moving parts. This means that errors due to damage, leaks or blockages are excluded, as is the pressure drop caused by the design.


Reliable performance

No obstructions or moving parts in pipe ensure long service life

  • Ultrasonic flow meter technology using non-contact measuring principles senses through pipe
  • Minimized pressure drop
  • No impact from shock / vibration
 Guaranteed accuracy and repeatabilty
  • Same accuracy over entire temperature range (-20...100°C)
  • Continuously monitors signal strength
  • Factory calibrated to cover flow range
 One-piece housing concept with 100% stainless steel wetted materials
  • No need for material compatibility checks due to a clean 316L (1.4404) stainless steel pipe
  • IP67 with NO seals and NO chance of ingress and media contamination
  • Robust, chemically resistant PFA window
 Smart software / algorithms
  • Built-in sensor health is indicated via the operating status LED and diagnostics output
  • Conclusions can be drawn about contamination or process changes
  • Maintenance measures can be taken at an early stage and downtimes prevented

Wide application coverage

Large dynamic measuring ranges

  • High maximum flow range for pipe sizes (Up to 1,000 L/min)
  • Measures flow in both directions
  • Wide media temperature range (up to 100°C)

One sensor for multiple applications

  • Works with non-conductive water-based media such as deionized water
  • Works with water mixtures up to 10% additives

Affordable innovation

Reduction in downtime

  • No field calibration required
  • Easy setup and commissioning with guided programming wizard

Added value at no additional costs

  • Solid state peformance at mechanical technology prices
  • Eliminate redundant gauges
  • Increase total measurement points without adding significant cost

Process information

Flow rate, totalizer, temperature, and health diagnostics

  • PLC implementation over IO-Link, 4...20mA, frequency, pulse and switching outputs
  • Local indication with integrated display

IO-Link = 100% pure digital signal 

  • Pure digital signal improves accuracy and resolution over analog signal 
  • SCADA implementation over IO-Link master's IoT ports