SU PureSonic – ultrasonic flow meter without obstacles, sealings and moving parts
Explore the features using the interactive model above.
Various integrated process connections available.
Various integrated process connections allow flexible integration into the system. With minimal pipe reduction, pressure drop through the meter is low.
Multicolor TFT display with highly resistive PFA window for chemical compatibility
The TFT display, with highly resistant PFA window, shows the process values in your preferred view. The innovative window design with pushbuttons sitting behind a flexible PFA window; allows for no openings or sealings which minimizes the number of ingress points.
Bright LEDs show switching output status and device health at-a-glance
Visible even in bright factories, the LEDs confirm health and status of the sensor.
One piece housing concept with straight stainless steel pipe
With the stainless steel pipe, which is free of seals, moving parts and interfering obstacles, the maintenance effort as well as any material compatibility tests can be reduced to a minimum.
Easy commissioning thanks to guide and 3-button programming
The sensor can be commissioned quickly and easily in less than three minutes via guided commissioning. Further detailed settings can be implemented directly on the sensor using the 3 buttons.
G connections for flexible integration by use of adapters
G connections for flexible integration by use of adapters.
Sanitary Tri-clamp connections for food safe applications
The SUHxxx models come with 1” and 2” Tri-clamp connections and sanitary approvals for use in applications in the Food & Beverage market. View the “Select Products” page for specific part numbers.
Threaded connections for easy integration into Industrial Applications
The SU models come with either NPT or G threaded connections that can be installed without an adapter. Additional mounting options are available for the G threaded versions under the accessories tab. View the "Select Products" page for specific part numbers