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Learn how manufacturers increase OEE

What is OEE?

An important key indicator of Industry 4.0 implementations is Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), a measure of manufacturing productivity. Consisting of 3 factors, OEE measures machine uptime (Availability), machine speed (Performance), and non-defective products (Quality). The calculations are quite simple.

Chart showing three components of original equipment effectiveness -- availability, performance, and quality. Includes calculations of each component.

While the calculations are simple, understanding how to improve OEE can be challenging. The first step is to evaluate the losses in your process.

Typical manufacturing losses can be categorized in terms of Availability, Performance, and Quality as shown in the chart below.

Chart explaining OEE components in detail.

An OEE score of 100% means that the process is always running during planned production time, at its maximum speed, making all good parts.

How can you improve OEE?

Real-time data provides valuable and actionable information about operations and equipment to improve quality, availability and performance. For example, ensuring qualified operators are running and programming machines will keep performance and quality optimal. By identifying parts in production, machine configurations are optimized and automated to ensure machine availability is not lost through incorrect configurations. By tracking tooling, run-time and condition data are stored and quality is improved by ensuring the right tooling is in operation.

How does moneo help improve OEE?

moneo is an industry-independent, manufacturer-independent Industry 4.0 software platform that enables you to integrate a wide range of existing devices and use the data more efficiently.

The onboard algorithms provide predictive maintenance for many critical industrial machines, harnessing the power of your sensor data and turning it into actionable insight. Receive alerts before a machine failure, so you can schedule preventive maintenance in advance. 

Explore the uses cases for common examples that are possible with moneo|software!