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Process values, data tags and software licenses

ifm believes the simplicity of the bundled license makes it very attractive and most popular solution. With QM9102, you receive all the licenses required for condition based monitoring and predictive maintenance applications. Other modules, such as the Data Science Toolbox and Smart LImit Watcher that uses artificial intelligence in manufacturing, can be purchased separately.

Software modules included in the QM9102 license bundle are device configuration, IODD management, device management, calculated values, monitoring table, dashboard, analysis, setting and rules, tasks and tickets, and raw data recording.

Each process value from connected devices is an infopoint. The QM9102 bundle includes 150 infopoints. Additional infopoints (up to 5000 total) can be purchased separately.

Two sensors are connected to an IO-Link master and then to a laptop displaying the moneo IIoT software. Two process values are available from one sensor and three process values are available from the other sensor. Therefore, five data tags, or infopoints are transferred to moneo.