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  1. Introduction to moneo
  2. moneo | vAppliance

moneo | vAppliance - the ideal solution to run the moneo platform in virtual environments

moneo industrial IoT software can be integrated into your own IT infrastructure on premises. Connect sensors on the machine to IO-Link and integrate into your SCADA platform to take advantage of the trapped data in your system.
  • Download the OVF file, import it and start the virtual machine
  • Initial configuration using the AMS via a web browser
  • Reduced commissioning times and better utilization of existing hardware
High availability
  • Existing high availability solutions can be used for the moneo software platform
  • HA, vMotion and FT
  moneo | vAppliance Windows
Ease of installation  
Ease of implementing software updates  
No ongoing IT support required  
VMware vSphere or Microsoft HyperV required for operation  
Superior security  
Ease of data backup