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Vision Assistant software

The O2D5 family is programmed with the ifm Vision Assistant, downloadable for free on the datasheet page of the sensor. The user is guided step-by-step through the parameterization process in this intuitive software. The ready-made wizards make it easy for both beginners and experts to solve vision applications quickly and reliably and to implement them very easily.

Logic function blocks are available within the Vision Assistant and they are easy to implement. Simply drag and drop the desired function blocks and interconnect them as appropriate with a clean graphical interface. For experts in image processing, an extended mode with numerous additional functions is included.

Experience the power of a vision system with the simplicity of a sensor.

Contour presence check

Using the contour assistant wizard, even an inexperienced user can set up the application in under 5 minutes.

BLOB presence check

Blobs are connected pixels that are easily checked for size, shape or other properties.

Position tracking

Using an anchor contour, the relative position and rotation of search zones or other models can be tracked. In the example below, solder beads on a clip are evaluated to make sure all beads are detected.

Figure 1 shows the search zones in orange and the green solder bead areas.

Figure 2 shows the reference contour that will be used to monitor position and rotation. It is shown in pink and anchored to the search zones.

Figure 3 shows that even though the clip is rotated, the anchor contour also rotates and the relative position of the search zones and blob areas remains constant.

User-defined mode

In some applications, the step-by-step wizards may not optimize the area of interest. In these cases, any parameter can be fined tuned as needed in the user-defined mode. Watch the video for step-by-step guidance with the user-defined mode.