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Field I/O overview

Machines ready for Industry 4.0

The future of automation starts with IO-Link.

Sensors and actuators are the eyes and ears of your equipment. Your machines and processes are limited by what your sensors can tell you. 

  • What if you can get more information without increasing cost, engineering time and complexity?
  • What if we told you your existing infrastructure could already provide more insight?

Discover the potential of IO-Link and unlock data that already exists today!

IO-Link benefits

Improve product quality and process transparency
  • No signal loss due to multiple A/D conversions
  • 100% digital process values
Improve machine availability
  • Easy initial sensor setup
  • Fast sensor replacement with automatic parameter transfer
Reduce system complexity
  • Monitor multiple process values from one sensor over one wire
  • Eliminate analog scaling issues
Reduce machine setup and changeover time
  • Remote parameterization of sensors 
  • Recipe changes ready on the fly
Reduce unexpected downtime
  • Continuous machine condition monitoring tracks machine health
  • Built-in sensor diagnostics indicate potential application issues
  • Allows for scheduled maintenance rather than costly unexpected downtime
Provide system flexibility
  • Fieldbus independent improves efficiency for OEM machine builders
  • Fast integration into existing controls architechture
  • Scalable technology useful for simple on/off devices or for complete process transparency

True digital signal replaces analog

Fast sensor replacement

Multiple sensor process values with a single connection

Remote parameterization of sensors

Improve predictive maintenance