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Controls architecture comparison

ifm HMI controller

Typical PLC controller
Controller / PLC
Processor ARM Quadcore, 64 bits, 1.2 GHz GPU Proprietary
Memory 8 GB Typically 2 MB
Communication protocol EtherNet/IP, TCP/IP, Modbus TCP EtherNet/IP
Built-in ports 2 Ethernet, 2 USB 2 Ethernet, 1 USB
Support dual IP yes no (additional cost)
Mounting Field mount I/O Cabinet mount I/O
Type of I/O IO-Link technology Analog or binary I/O
Amount of data 32 bytes of inputs and outputs per port 1 bit on/off or 16 bits analog
Sensor diagnostics yes no
Remote parameters adjustment yes no
Automatic device replacement yes - simple plug-and-play no
Digital communication yes - 100% pure digital signal no
Maximum I/O 30 IO-Link masters or 240 IO-Link sensors/devices 8 input/output cards or 256 digital inputs/outputs
Installation M12 plug-and-play, not wiring harness, time saving Traditional wiring harness, labor intensive, complex troubleshooting
HMI display
Size and resolution 12" x 5", 1280 x 480 resolution Not included, purchase additional HMI hardware separately
Display type Touch screen N/A
Programming software CODESYS (IEC 61131-3) Additional cost, license or subscription model
Recipe/batch management Supported, included with hardware Additional cost, license or subscription model
HMI software Supported, included with hardware Not included, purchase hardware and software separately
Trending yes Not included, purchase software separately
Alarming yes Not included, purchase software separately
Mechanical properties
Protection rating IP 67 Control cabinet required
Vibration  10 g @ 10...500 Hz 5 g @ 10...500 Hz
Shock, operating 30 g 20 g
Temperature -35...65 ºC 0...60 ºC