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React to market requirements in the food and beverage industries in real-time

The food and beverage industries are undergoing major changes.

Consumers expect a larger variety to choose from, more functionalities of their food and have more demanding requests on the sustainability of their foodstuffs. They are, however, also willing to pay more for these services.

The production of liquid food and drinks is much more diverse than just a few years ago. The increased demands of consumers have a large influence on the production processes of food manufacturers. They demand considerably more flexible and, therefore, complex production processes. This increases the risks of downtime and faults in your production, which can be expensive. The annual, worldwide losses due to inefficiencies in the production of beer, for example, amounts to about $9.8 billion. This means that the losses can account for up to 1/20 of the overall output.

Directly to my solution 

However, rising complexity also causes a direct chance to increase the profit through diverse process optimization. To optimize processes, manufacturers:

  1. set up systems so that they can be quickly changed from one product to another to ensure the required variety of products.
  2. keep the changeover time and cost low to ensure optimum system. 
  3. monitor processes to detect faults early in the process, avoiding production downtime and losses as well as deficiencies in the product quality.
  4. ensure transparent and sustainable design of the production processes to convince customers of the sustainable production. 

In this respect, ifm provides innovative solutions

Innovative automation solutions enable you to master the new requirements on the food production and to keep pace with the competitors technology-wise. See the following pages to inform yourself about ifm solutions to improve the availability, performance and quality of your system. Using our level sensors with IO-Link, for example, you avoid production losses by monitoring the level of your tanks with high precision and to see it on the dashboard in real time.