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Licence activation for moneo in general and on moneo appliance. Here’s how it works:

Source: moneo installation instructions


Activation of ifm moneo products

The activation of ifm moneo products is done by activating licence activation codes (LAC) within ifm moneo.
Activate ifm moneo products as follows:
► Click on .
► Click on [System administration].
► Click on [Licence management].
⇒ The licence management shows all available licences and the currently used licences. Users with the respective rights can activate additional available licences.

You can choose between online and offline activation:

  • Online activation
  • Offline activation

► Log out of ifm moneo and then log in again.
⇒ The new products are available.


Logging in to ifm moneo for the first time

►Start ifm moneo via the start menu or the shortcut (icon) that has been created on your desktop.
► Activate the desired licences in the browser window that opens.


Online activation

► Click on +.
► Select [Online activation].
► Click on [NEXT]
► Enter the licence activation code (LAC) received via email.
► Click on [NEXT].
► Click on [FINISH].
⇒ All activated licences are displayed.


Offline activation

If no online connection is possible, licences can also be activated offline.
► Click on +.
► Select [Offline activation].
► Click on [NEXT].
► Note down the indicated fingerprint.
Click on [Save as .txt file], select the required directory and save fingerprint.txt.
► Open the page https://licensing.ifm.com on a computer with an online connection, click on [Activate licence], follow the instructions of this page and copy the generated licence key.
► Continue the licensing process in ifm moneo:
► Click on [NEXT].
► Enter the licence key you received.
► Click on [NEXT].
► Click on [FINISH].
⇒ All activated licences are displayed.


Initial login

For the first login to moneo, an initial administrator account must be created. The licence activation codes (LAC) can then be activated.