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UHF system 865 to 928 MHz

Identification in production and logistics. Long ranges, many tags.

Ethernet TCP/IP / EtherNet/IP

Ultra low, low, mid and wide range antennas for every application.

UHF evaluation units with four external antenna terminals.

Ethernet TCP/IP and Ethernet IP interface for parameter setting and data transmission.

The protection rating IP 65 / IP 67 meets all requirements for harsh industrial environments.

UHF evaluation units.
As components of the UHF system platform, the UHF evaluation units DTE830 and DTE930 are compliant with the UHF bands in Europe and the USA respectively. The setting of corresponding country profiles enables use of the units in many other countries.

Ultra low and low range antennas.
These antennas are distinguished by the near field. In order to achieve a high selectivity, the smallest possible designs are used as they manage short reading ranges.

Mid-range antennas.
Due to its smaller dimensions the mid range antenna is chosen for applications in the near / far field with reading ranges of up to 2 m.

Wide range antennas.
With an angle of aperture of 30° these antennas have been developed for applications in the far field where reading ranges of up to 10 m are required.

Different evaluation units.

DTE830 / 930:
UHF evaluation units for external antennas for short range and wide range applications. With digital inputs / outputs and Ethernet interface.

UHF evaluation units with integrated antenna and PoE (Power over Ethernet).

RFID in the application.
The UHF system platform from ifm is used in production, intralogistics and conveying due to the application-specific antennas. Goods such as packaging or pallets can be detected without contact.

The UHF RFID system is optimised for applications in production and material flow control, the asset and supply chain management as well as track & trace.

Up to 20 cm: ANT805 / ANT810.
(Ultra) low range antenna for the selective detection of individual products in the close range.

Up to 2 m: ANT820.
Mid range antenna for the reliable identification of larger units, e.g. on a conveyor belt.

Up to 10 m: ANT860.
Wide range antenna for the simultaneous detection of large quantities, e.g. boxes on pallets when gates are passed.

RFID system DTE - UHF system 865 to 928 MHz

RFID UHF Overview