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  1. Identification systems
  2. LF/HF system 125 KHz 13,56 MHz

LF/HF system 125 KHz, 13,56 MHz

Identification in conveyors. Large data volumes, high speed.

SAP/ERP – Profibus-DP | Profinet / EtherNet/IP | TCP/IP / Ethercat

Status display via LED and integrated web server.

Connection of RFID antennas or digital inputs / outputs. Antenna and transponder combinations of some bits to several Kbytes.

Connection of the antennas with unshielded standard cables of up to 20 m.

Function blocks enable easy integration into the higher level automation or process control.

The fieldbus certification guarantees interoperability in automation technology.

Protection rating IP 67 and IP 69 K for harsh industrial environments.

RFID system with evaluation unit, antennas and transponders.

ifm has developed a new RFID system for production and conveying in particular. The integrated web server enables easy parameter setting via the web browser. The requirements of harsh industrial environments are met by a stable metal housing, a wide temperature range and the high protection rating IP 67. The new RFID evaluation units DTE10x have four antenna connections, which can alternatively be used as digital I/Os. The antennas are connected via standardised M12 connectors. The standard pin assignment of the I/O connections ensures that common sensors or actuators are directly connected and powered from the RFID evaluation unit.

All connections are for standard M12 connectors. Current is also directly supplied via an M12 connection. The wide range of accessories such as Profibus connection cables and terminating resistors facilitate the system set-up.

The new ANT600 RFID antenna handles ranges up to 200 mm without any problems. The device is also equipped with diagnostic and indicating LEDs to ensure easy startup. The rotatable M12 connector allows the connection of standard cables up to 20 m.

Long ranges.
The long range means the ANT600 RFID antenna has many uses. Product tracking in the production process, production data or quality parameters can be reliably saved on the ID tags. In material logistics, the RFID system can reliably determine whether the material and quantity of material match the production order. In plant control, product-specific machine parameters are read from the ID tag attached to the product.

Different interfaces.

DTE100 with Profibus DP: Evaluation unit with integrated Profibus DP interface.

DTE101 with PROFINET: Evaluation unit with integrated PROFINET interface.

DTE102 with EtherNet/IP: Optimised for controllers from Schneider Electric or Rockwell Automation.

DTE103 with EtherCAT, the process interface for Beckhoff controllers.

DTE104 with TCP/IP and SAP/ERP connectivity: Ideal for direct connection to PCs, industrial PCs or PLCs that have no standardised fieldbus interface. Users can access all connected antennas, sensors and actuators via TCP/IP protocol.

DTC510, the compact unit with CANopen interface antenna, evaluation and CANopen interface.

LF/HF-RFID-System DTE100 · 125 KHz · 13,56 MHz

RFID 13,56 MHz Overview