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LF system 125 kHz (AS-i)

RFID system with integrated AS-Interface

Identification in routing conveyors.


Plug and play:
Cost reduction with quick and easy set-up.

Connection of up to 31 RFID readers to one AS-i master.

High reading reliability and compact design.

Ready for operation at once:
No programming for read / write units with AS-Interface.
The stored value is automatically provided by the transponder when the antenna is passed.

The AS-Interface certification guarantees interoperability in automation technology.

The DTS125 RF identification system from ifm is an industrially compatible identification system in 125 KHz technology. It is the first RFID system for AS-Interface worldwide.

The compact read/write heads include, in addition to the antenna, the complete evaluation and the interface to AS-i. So the units can be operated directly on the AS-Interface and enable data transmission to the controller.

ifm offers the system solution app “RFID DTA” for a particular ease of handling of the RFID data and communication with higher-level networks. Download and configuration of the app is made via the integrated web interface, i.e. all required settings can be conveniently made using a device with internet browser.

DTS125 in the application.
The DTS125 RFID system has been designed for production control in assembly and conveying technology, handling, packaging and filling systems.

The system is also the optimum choice for marking workpiece carriers.

Plug and Play also for the hardware:
Connection via M12 connector or AS-i splitter box.
The DTS125 system can be integrated into AS-i networks in no time and is ready for operation immediately. In addition to the lower cost for hardware, this also saves time during set-up.

The DTS125 RFID system ensures smooth logistics flow on a production line for transmissions. All workpiece carriers can be identified by means of RFID. Optical processes such as bar codes were eliminated due to the severe operating conditions (oils, metal swarf).

The RFID system DTS125 – ideal for solving tasks in assembly and conveying technology as well as in handling automation. It detects objects on transport systems at a travel speed of up to 0.5 m/s.

ID tags for assembly and conveyor systems.
The robust transponders, which do not require any batteries, are particularly suited for use in high temperature ranges.

ID-TAGs for the AS-i RFID system are not compatible with the 125 KHz HF system for DTE evaluation electronics.

RFID 125 kHZ Overview