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Assembly Cell

Assembly Automation What if your assembly machine had the capability to see whether a small part was missing, upside down or misaligned before it moved to the next assembly step, or worse, after delivery to the customer? Powerful laser line profiler with precision detection makes error-proofing easy and affordable.

Compressed Air System


What if you could trend your energy usage over time and reduce waste and inefficiencies in your compressed air systems without significant capital investment?

Centrifugal Pump


What if your equipment could provide alarms before it fails? The detection and integrated evaluation of vibration signals serves as the basis for the seamless integration of online condition monitoring and real-time maintenance into automation and control systems.

Heat Exchanger


By monitoring steam pressure and temperature with ifm process sensors, you can verify that your heat exchangers are performing effectively throughout your process. Learn how to achieve real time visibility of the values. This allows you to quickly understand if your process is deviating from ideal conditions.



What if your hydraulically powered manufacturing equipment always operated at peak performance? ifm sensors monitor key process points including, level, pressure, flow, temperature, oil quality, and even motor and pump health. 

Water Treatment System



What if you had a cost effective ethernet solution to run all of your instrumentation and controls? IO-Link unlocks trapped data in sensors to allow you to make better decisions for your processes.


Brew House

Food and Beverage In the brewing process, deviations from accurate temperatures can ruin entire batches. In two minutes, learn how to produce the perfect batch of beer every time with little to no waste. ifm can help!

Clean-in-place System

Food and Beverage

What if you could eliminate the risk of a product recall due to chemical contamination in your CIP system? Achieve higher confidence in your CIP system and reduce cycle time with a new approach to conductivity measurement.

Heat Exchanger

Food and Beverage

What if you could eliminate the product quality risk of inaccurate temperature measurement? Increase confidence in your pasteurization process with temperature instruments that alert you to drift.

AGV / Forklift


What if your dock door could ensure your shipments are accurate 100% of the time? Increase operational efficiencies with returnable asset tracking.

Cross Belt Sorter


What if you could mitigate sorter crashes and the associated damage? Vibration monitoring analyzes machine health and identifies sources of downtime and catastrophic failure before it occurs.

Robotic Depalletizer


What if you could increase the throughput of your robotic depalletizer? ifm's 3D sensor reduces robot dwell time and increases the throughput of the assembly cell.

Mobile Machines



What if your machine could react to an obstacle before the operator sees it? What if you could reduce insurance premiums for your fleet? Learn how on-and-off highway vehicles are using technology to avoid collisions and increase uptime.