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IO-Link benefits

With IO-Link, the TCC family can provide:

  • Dual temperature element values over a single wire
  • High measurement resolution without scaling
  • Temperature histogram of operating time
  • Internal memory for minimum and maximum temperatures
  • Current Calibration Check status

The TCC temperature sensor transmits multiple measurements and data sets via a single connection wire. 

The automated Calibration Check uses the process value and reference value from the dual element tip to ensure the accuracy of the sensor measurements. The user can monitor these values over IO-Link for process transparency, record keeping and validation requirements.

The process temperature and reference temperature are both available via IO-Link

The TCC uses additional internal memory for edge processing of temperature trend data in the form of a histogram. The histogram helps determine the temperature profile over the life of the sensor. Having a “life history” of the sensor is a key tool in managing maintenance and quality assurance issues.