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Measurement system

The design of the TCC family of instruments includes two sensing elements that self-detect and send a warning if any signal drift is occurring. The PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) element increases its resistance with increasing temperature. The NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) element decreases its resistance with increasing temperature.

Because the PTC and NTC react to temperature change in opposite directions, the microprocessor is able to measures the differential between the two elements and alert the user to a potential decrease in accuracy.

Tip construction

ifm uses a highly engineered construction thin film tip design and two RTD elements.

  • The RTD elements are bonded to a thin film carrier to reduce the thermal mass of the electrical leads. 
  • The film carrier and RTD elements are attached to an assembly carrier to precisely position the elements and provide consistent force against the inner sheath wall.
  • This design allows direct and constant controlled contact to the sheath, minimizing the separation between the RTD elements and the process media. The result – fast and repeatable response!

One-piece housing

The TCC uses fully welded 316 stainless steel IP69K hermetically sealed construction. This construction eliminates the potential for ingress -- a major contributor to instrument drift.

Unlike traditional instruments with a head chamber and "hockey puck" transmitter that must be field wired and matched (calibrated), the one-piece contruction of the TCC is delivered fully calibrated.  

  • It comes fully assembled and calibrated using a multi-bath calibration procedure as part of the manufacturing process. Download a free factory from our website.
  • The stated accuracy is of the entire assembly -- no need to add the accuracy of each component.
  • Ordering is simple with a single 6-digit article number.
  • Prevent unplanned production stops due to sensor errors, increasing productivity and profit.

Digital communication

Every TCC sensor comes with a traditional 4…20 mA analog output as well as the latest IO-Link digital communication technology. Leveraging digital communication improves measurement accuracy and reliability over analog since there are no signal losses.

Using IO-Link provides insight into the status of your process.

  • Continuous monitoring of process temperature and reference temperature.
  • Date of installation.
  • Event log for calibration check status, operating hours and electronics temperature.
  • Temperature histogram across entire range.