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Calibration of pressure sensors

ISO calibration conductivity

he comparative measurement of conductivity sensors is performed by using traceable reference solutions.

To calibrate analytical measurands, buffer and reference solutions are used, for they have known conductance values.

In the context of comparative measurement, the device under test is immersed in the reference solution and the deviation between the actual and target value is documented. As it has a significant influence on the conductivity, the reference temperature is also measured and documented.

Calibration is performed in scaled measuring ranges, based on 3 measurement points, via the analog output (current) and the digital output (IO-Link). After calibration, the device under test is reset to its factory settings.

Calibration verification certificate for conductivity sensors LDL101 (Part no. ZC0109)

  • Fee charged.  One certificate per sensor required.
  • Generated by ifm's calibration lab.
  • Applies to the specified article(s) and must be ordered with the sensor.  It cannot be generated after the sensor has been delivered.
  • For new purchases only. We do NOT offer recalibration services for sensors that have been in service.
  • Only available for LDL101 conductivity sensors.