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Calibration of pressure sensors

ISO calibration pressure

The comparative measurement can be based on two different methods - using a pressure reference device or using high-precision pressure compensators with known mass pieces.

Pressure controllers are precision pressure regulators with a built-in electrical pressure generator. They are usually equipped with a touchscreen and thus enable intuitive operation. By setting a specific target value or by choosing preprogrammed steps, the control process is started. The value from the device under test can then be compared to the reference target value and be documented. Pressure controllers thus allow the desired pressure measurement result to be approached in an exact and automated manner.

By contrast, deadweight testers can be used to implement specific pressures by applying a defined force to a piston cylinder of known diameter. In practice, known mass pieces are placed on the piston to do so. The result is a reference pressure that can be picked off directly at the point of measurement.

Calibration is performed on the basis of 6 measurement points in steps of 20% of the measuring range end value, in measuring ranges of -1...1 bar, -1…10 bar and 0...700 bar. By default, the calibration is performed with factory settings using the analog output (current) or, alternatively, visually using the display of the device or the analog output (voltage).

Calibration verification certificate for pressure sensors (Part no. ZC0071)

  • Fee charged.  One certificate per sensor required.
  • Generated by 3rd party calibration lab in the US.
  • Calibration using equipment traceable to NIST standards.
  • Applies to the specified article(s) and must be ordered with the sensor.  It cannot be generated after the sensor has been delivered.
  • For new purchases only. We do NOT offer recalibration services for sensors that have been in service.