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  1. Software solutions


Software for parameter setting via IO-Link master.


  • Easy and fast ifm IO-Link- master parameter setting
  • Clear representation
  • Easy and fast device parameter setting (point-to- multipoint connection)
  • Transferable parameter sets
  • Automatic identification of IO-Link devices (also foreign manufacturers)
  • Direct import of IODD`s from the IODD-Finder platform *)
    *) if internet connection available


  • Online and offline parameter setting
  • Supports all IO-Link devices (Spezification IO-Link V1.0 and V1.1)
  • Software and parameter description in all supported languages
  • Detailed description texts of all parameter contents
  • Parameter sets grouped according to topics
  • Parameter setting of ifm IO-Link masters (AL1xxx series)
  • Supports the latest ifm IO-Link devices and actuators
  • Parameter setting of devices via network

Customer benefit

  • Optimised by means of graphic visualisation of the process values
  • Shortened set-up time
  • Optimised device replacement process
  • Paperless recording of parameter sets