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Software solutions

Software, hardware, consulting and implementation from a single source.

The hardware and software components allow direct networking of all connected sensors and actuators with a local server via an Ethernet network. Using this connection, machine data, process parameters and diagnostic data can be directly read and processed by IT.

The easy-to-use server software LINERECORDER SMART OBVSERVER enables data evaluation by means of customer-specific cockpits. Using the same communication mechanisms, it is possible to directly couple machines and exchange production-related data.

If and which sensor data the PLC transmits to the process control level needs to be defined in the PLC program. Reports and analyses can also be transferred to higher levels. The prerequisite for this is an additional adaptation of the PLC program.

The LINERECORDER product portfolio provides standardised cascadable function modules for flexible use for optimisation and quality assurance of the production and process chain.
In combination with the parameter setting software LR Device the information chain "from sensor to ERP" comes full circle.

LINERECORDER AGENT CONNECTIVITY PORT (LR Agent CP) is a software gateway permitting bidirectional communication between any type and number of interfaces.
LR AGENT CP enables SAP systems such as ME, MII, Netweaver and HANA to communicate with the largely inhomogeneous world of sensors, controllers and machines.