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Factory Optimization Excellence (FOX)

Optimize manufacturing in SAP with AI-driven production planning

FOX is an AI-driven solution designed to enhance production planning within SAP environments. It streamlines manufacturing operations by integrating comprehensive data analysis and advanced planning techniques to create the most optimal production plan.

By optimizing resource allocation and production schedules, FOX provides manufacturing companies with a powerful tool to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

Struggling with bottlenecks stifling your production flow?

Eliminate bottlenecks with FOX's comprehensive work center analysis.

Facing complexities in dependency management across work centers?

Simplify complex dependencies with our dynamic pegging system.

Dealing with inefficent scheduling that wastes time and resources?

Achieve optimal scheduling through AI-driven production planning.

How FOX works

Step 1: Data selection

Choose relevant production data for optimization.

Step 2: Pegging

Identify crucial predecessor and successor relationships.

Step 3: Constraints identification

Highlight and account for any production constraints.

Step 4: Optimization

Run the data through FOX's AI optimizer.

Step 5: Implementation

Seamlessly integrate the optimized plan back into your SAP system.

Effective work center planning with FOX

  • Comprehensive material tracking: Ensure all necessary materials and parts are identified and scheduled to arrive exactly when and where they are needed, minimizing delays and maintaining the momentum of production.

  • Strategic downtime management: Intelligently schedule rest and buffer times to maximize productivity without compromising machinery health or workforce welfare.

  • Precise scheduling: Coordinate material deliveries and workforce assignments to ensure that each work center operates at peak efficiency, streamlining operations and reducing bottlenecks.

  • Deadline adherence: Prioritize and sequence orders to meet stringent deadlines, supporting your commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction.

  • Integrated process mapping: Understand and manage dependencies across upstream and downstream processes, ensuring a cohesive and uninterrupted production flow.


FOX benefits

Continual production utilization

Increased throughput

Improved delivery readiness

Reduced manufacturing costs

  • Integrates into your existing SAP environment 
  • Enhances production efficiency with strategically scheduled orders
  • Offers the ability to simulate scheduling scenarios and make manual adjustments
  • Complete plant planning for all work centers
  • Simultaneously addresses various optimization objectives
  • Automatically adjusts order sequences for better workflow and resource allocation
  • Allows you to set and adjust order priorities
  • Enables immediate recalculations so plans remain relevant and efficient

Advance your SAP® production planning with FOX

Unlock efficiency and flexibility in production processes

Explore the practical benefits and technological advancements that make FOX an essential tool for achieving enhanced efficiency, flexibility, and cost reduction in your manufacturing operations.

Applicable industries



Challenges: Just-in-time production models, complex supplier networks, and rigorous quality and safety standards.


FOX Benefits: Ensure on-time delivery with dynamic scheduling, maintain quality while reducing costs, and adapt swiftly to new market trends.

Aerospace and defense


Challenges: Managing complex assemblies, long lead times, and upholding strict quality requirements.


FOX Benefits: Streamline project management, ensure on-time delivery of components, and maintain the highest standards of quality and compliance.



Challenges: Handling hazardous materials, adhering to strict environmental regulations, and managing complex chemical processes.


FOX Benefits: Reduce environmental impact and optimize production processes, ensuring a safer, more sustainable, and efficient chemical manufacturing operation.



Challenges: Short product lifecycles, high consumer expectations, managing complex component supply chains, and reducing time-to-market.


FOX Benefits: Respond quickly to market changes with agile production planning, reduce lead times, and manage product variations more effectively.

Food and Beverage


Challenges: Perishable goods, managing seasonal demand spikes, and stringent health regulations.


FOX Benefits: Optimize production for peak freshness, adjust quickly to changing demand, and ensure regulatory compliance, all while reducing waste and improving profitability.

 Embrace the future with FOX

Start your optimization journey today

Ready to streamline your manufacturing processes? Upgrade to FOX and experience a smoother, more economical, and resource-efficient production flow. Fill out the form below to discover how FOX can redefine your production landscape. 

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